Jodhpur Revisited

Jodhpur Revisited

It was 3 pm, I was sitting peacefully on the rooftop of stops hostel. After a long bike ride earlier in the morning, I was expecting some rest. It was my instinctive reaction to say no when a person from the hostel came to ask if anyone was interested in a blue city walk. I had been here just a few weeks back, when a stray dog had decided to imprint his teeth into my flesh.

I’ve been a dog lover all my life, and this incident had changed something in me. A strange fear could be a close expression for this feeling. And this fellow was asking me to go to the same place, again. Something happened, and I said yes. I wanted to face my fear. If not now, then it would be never.

We went through the same lanes, the blue color appeared sharper than usual. The lanes kept getting smaller, and we kept walking through them. Until, we reached this spot where the Sun put a final show before resting for the night. Almost in sync with it, the whole city started singing the Azan. This was the Jodhpur I had missed last time. Yes, I did meet a number of dogs this time, but I was able to see friends in them. There was a winner.

In the picture: Raj standing at Patharia Hill, watching the Sun put its final show over the blue city of Jodhpur

This was my last ordeal with the city:

Jodhpur and one dog bite later

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