Five things not to miss in Bhaktpur

Five things not to miss in Bhaktpur

If there was a pause to time, places like this are where it was used. Bhaktapur, for all good reasons, is a little town still stuck in the times of the past. The charm and the energetic vibe of entering into a place with a rustic, ancient beauty are very evident, and you’d know why I say that as soon as you step into the city through its old city gates. Of course, you’d love to walk in this open museum, as vehicles are prohibited beyond the main entrance. 

It could be worth noting that a fee of around 1500 NPR or 15$ has to be paid for a visit to the Bhaktpur Darbar square, which includes other local sightseeing, temples, and monuments. If you pay in Dollars, you might end up paying more Nepalese Rupee, so having some local currency would be useful here. The travelers from SAARC nations pay an entrance fee of 500 NPR.

Bhaktpur- City Map

A combination of detailed wood carvings, metal art, and stone pagodas, local markets that are cobblestone covered and the still undisturbed Newari culture, make for this little town a great see for tourists and explorers alike. And when you are at it, here are five things you should not miss in Bhaktapur:- 

Our friend Tara taking a flight with the local kids in the streets of Bhaktpur.

A casual stroll around Durbar Square: 

Now, this goes without saying, consider the Darbar as the heart of the city. You haven’t been to the town if you haven’t felt what its core feels like. The last seat of the royal king, this complex also has Nyatapola temple, Dattatreya temple, and the famous 55 windows palace. All windows of this palace are staring at different sights of the city, and now it is a must-visit National Art Gallery. Amongst there are multiple other temples, each with its glorious history, own significance, and of course, there is a special aura about each one of these. 

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Mountain biking in the hidden circuits: 

Deeper the history, more the secrets a place has, so apt it goes with this city in Nepal. Bhaktapur is believed to have great terrain diversity and biking circuits that are kept secret for good. Join a biking group and get going on the hills of Bhaktapur, it’s great fun.

Admiring the wooden carvings in lanes of Bhaktpur

Get your hands on some gemstones of art, at the pottery square: 

Walking south of Taumadhi square, you will arrive at Potter’s Square. As the name suggests, it is a place full of traditional potters with their wheels spinning and their pottery work lined out in the sun. A gorgeous display of skills and talent is on the move when you go out and see how potters make such beautiful pieces of mud pottery without any machine involvements. It’s great fun to see the rhythm in their work, and if you’re lucky enough, you get a chance at it too. After the 2015 earthquake, a lot of buildings around this square were damaged, but life finds its way, and the pottery continues. When you visit this place show some love to the artisans and buy real souvenirs.  

Music, meals, and mindfulness at the Siddha Pokhari pond: 

The most prominent human-made water body in the valley, this pond, is a direct tribute to the lord of rain, Indra. If it’s a lazy day for you today, go to the pond, sit by it, and feed the fishes, and yeah, you can buy some corn out there for the tiny creatures. Get your hands on some mouthwatering food at Mayur Restaurant in the vicinity or enjoy a great book while sipping on an espresso at the Beans Coffee Shop.

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Go artistic when you shop around in the market: 

This city is famous in all of Nepal for its ceramics and handicrafts. So, when you take that shopping spree in the town, it is essential to pick up some paper handicrafts, beautiful wood carvings, and brilliantly made artifacts. 

After a long day when it rained, the local artisan took a break from pottery with us.

If you are planning to go to Bhaktpur, don’t miss out on the above must-do things. And if you have already been there, let us know what your-favorite-thing-to-do was.

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