Wedding Photographer in Japan

Wedding Photographer in Japan

My first overseas pre-wedding shoot, that too of a Japanese couple!

Well, that’s what happens when you realize that you are not the only one who wants to shoot the monument during the blue hour. We reached Osaka palace well in time, and after roaming around a bit, decided to give the camera some rest here. The moment sun set on one side, lights of the palace were switched on and we had this wonderful view in front, waiting to be captured. Another photographer couple from Argentina was waiting for the same timing for even longer.

And then this and one more couple arrived for their pre-wedding shoot. Initially, I thought I would wait for sometime, but as is the case with such things, there was no visible end. I decided to make a frame with the couple included. Surprisingly enough, it was a good shot!

The photographers from Argentina were seemingly unhappy though. We learned that they had been waiting for the last 2 hours! I told Prerita, that there would be a day when I’d also go to a place with such a plan in place. “With preparation worth of 2 hours, that’s a dream!”.

She just laughed it out, ‘You and your plans!’

You know, the plan has always been that there is no plan.

(No, I’m not a wedding photographer. The first line was just pun intended)

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